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International Figurative Artist


LINO VICENTE is a Filipino-American artist who completed his education in California including studies in Fine Art, Photography, and Graphic Arts.  He also holds a degree in electronics and worked for a time in Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

Through his adult life he lived primarily in Northern California including the Wine Country of Sonoma County.  In 2015 he moved from Sonoma California to Valencia Spain and has established a studio in association with the Coworkshop Spain in the fashionable artsy barrio of Ruzafa.  He has been featured in art events in California (Sonoma, Santa Rosa, Sacramento) and in Valencia including involvement in the Russafart extravaganza involving numerous galleries and international artists.

He has been widely recognized in Sonoma County with works on display in several locations including the Vintners Inn Conference Center in Santa Rosa, California.


I have known Lino for nearly 15 years and from the very beginning loved his work! Lino's combination of creativity and professionalism is exactly what I've always appreciated and admired. We were able to match many of his initial work pieces to decorate our Event Center lobby areas as well as throughout the years continued acquiring various pieces for our home. His art is vibrant, colorful, imaginative and particular to our taste.

Percy Brandon, General Manager--Vintners Inn/John Ash & Co., Santa Rosa, California

Lino's works are a delight for the eyes. I often find new things to enjoy within his paintings and line drawings and I always look forward to the new directions he explores in his art.

Kimberly Rogers, PhD - San Clemente, CA

Based on a sculpture of the female body which is displayed in the garden area of the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco, California, our beautiful Lino original hangs proudly in our family room. Upon the initial view, you may just appreciate It’s gorgeous hues of green geometric shapes. Upon further reflection, the interplay of atypical forms balanced with several carefully placed circles, provides the curves necessary to invoke the feminine form. The slight head tilt of the figure implies to me a youthful demureness. All visitors to our home are immediately drawn in to its presence. We have had it hanging in the same spot for at least 10 years and our enthusiasm for it has never wavered. It is clearly the focal point of the room, and frequently becomes the topic of conversation when people learn we know the artist well and that this was a difficult piece for him to part with. We would highly recommend your acquiring one of his works.

Angela and Roderick - Libby Livermore, California

If you look up in the Urban Dictionary the word 'mind blowing', you'll find the name Lino Vicente, artist extraordinaire, along with his inspiring, creative and colorful work. Lino continues to impress me through his interpretive works. I enjoy his dimensional approach and vivid colors. Having his work on your wall brightens each day and brings a smile to your face.

Scott Ormerod, Partner Leap Solutions - Santa Rosa, California

I love Lino Vicente's' artwork. His artwork is colorful, creative, and his abstract designs are loved by all who've come in contact with them. I've even had other artist compliment his work when they've entered my business. My belief is that everyone should own a piece of his artwork!

Greg & Terry Darcy - Darcy's Fine Jewelers

My wife and I have acquired a number of Lino’s pieces and proudly display them throughout our home in Pebble Beach California. In our living room alone have four pieces including above our fireplace. His work is unique and each piece seems to have a different inspiration reflecting his experiences as a well traveled immigrant American.

Eugene & Risa Rogers - Pebble Beach California

Passionate and joyful with a flair for the dramatic - this is Lino in his life and in his art. We will always treasure his painting as testimony to our friend and his incredible talent.

Alan and Janice Norman - Nanoose Bay, British Columbia, Canada

After meeting Lino and seeing his art for the 1st time, I knew I had to acquire his art; it's very thought provoking and inspiring. The lines and flow of his pieces come together in ways that make the mind wonder. He has a Passion for art that seems to be constantly or continuously growing. I currently own 6 pieces and I am sure I will own more in the coming years.

David Scott Martin - Sonoma California

We are putting Lino’s paintings the main wall of our home to feature his art. We have lights installed just for that purpose. We will send photos in the future.

Glenn & Abigail Connor - Orangevale, California